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2020 以往的活动    PAST EVENTS - Page 2

Board Members Go On Virtual Meeting During COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Period     26/04/2020 

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Due to the current coronavirus pandemic and Singapore's Covid-19 "Circuit Breaker" clamp-down or lockdown by the authorities, Yee Clan Association (Singapore) organised an on-line dry run Zoom video conference. We wished to try out whether this piece of software was suitable for our users to conduct virtual video meetings for more than 35 participants.

As most of us were not familiar with Zoom, there were some initial confusions but were quickly resolved. Stephen Yee arranged and facilitated this virtual meeting. The meeting was conducted with our usual protocols and procedures. President Boon Kwee welcomed all and started the virtual meeting. Hon Sec, Peng Kwang, read out minutes of the last meeting. Treasurer, Yuke Lin, combed through the Financial Report and answered any queries arising. Documents were flashed on the screen. The whole idea was to mimic as realistically as possible to a real physical meeting. Zoom's audio and video were of reasonable quality.

We were pleased that this virtual meeting went on well. Plus point was that mobile handphones could also be used besides laptops. Some small issues could be ironed out later. We found that it was imperative to use a random Meeting ID and Password. ID and Password would be circulated to Committee Members through another mode. I understand that at point of writing this report, Zoom had fixed their security issue. Future virtual meetings will be the real thing, official and minuted.

Reported by: Peter CK Yee

Yee Chia Hsing
Inauguration of 72nd BOD, Screenshot from Mr Yee Chia Hsing's FB     22/01/2020 
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