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​会员 (新加坡人)







Membership (For Singaporeans)


All brethren and sisters bearing the surname "YEE" and women married to men surnamed "'YEE" who have attained the age of 21 and will abide by the local laws and the rules and regulations of the Association are eligible for membership. A person who wishes to join the Association must be proposed by an existing member. He or she will have to complete a Membership Application Form which will be posted in the ceremonial hall of the Association for one week. At the end of which time, if there shall be no objection, the applicant will then be considered eligible for admission after the application has been duly approved by the Committee. The number of members is not limited.


Membership Application Form

Member's Particulars Updating

If there are any changes to your and/or missing personal particulars, please download this form. Either post, fax or email your completed form to us.

Member's Particulars Updating Form



You may download our Scholarship Application Form here.


Scholarship Application Form


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