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Brief history


The Yee Clan Association was originated from 'Yee Clan Family Association'. It was founded by a group of Taishanese predecessors with the aim of taking care for the less fortunate and poor in the community. It also provided a meeting place for fellow members to interact, exchange views and promote brotherhood friendships among members. Initially, it recruited Taishan, Xinhui, Kaiping and Enping Cantonese as its members. Of these, majority was Taishan ethnic group. The office was located at Mosque Street.

During the Japanese occupation, all clan's activities were suspended. Besides a few furniture, many historical and important documents and articles were lost or burnt away. As a result, many of our past events and pre-war activity records were unable to be traced. Immediately after the second world war, life had gone back to normal, trade and commercial businesses were in the midst of reorganisation or booming. In spite of these, our veteran pioneers were busy moving around to scout for the past members to reorganise the 'Yee Clan Family Association'. They used the hall of the Ninyang Hui Guang to hold three meetings with fellow Yee personnel to discuss the matters on reorganisation of the association. Fruitful result was paid off, when there were about 400 members recruited in the recruitment campaign. 

For more information on the history of our Founding Forefather Yee Chung-sheung, please visit this site:






Foster good fellowship, exchange general knowledge, promote the spirit of mutual assistance, encourage performance and to serve the community.



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